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Posted on 15, July 2014

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If you think the vacuum cleaner is scary, you should hear some of the racket going on under Morrie’s carport. You’d think they’d park cars under the carport, but no, Morrie’s human thinks his carport is a workshop.

My human likes to stop and chat with Morrie’s human from time to time, so Morrie and I just stand there and kind of stare at each other. Morrie sort of growls and gurgles in the back of his throat, so I just wrap my leash around my human’s ankles and sneak peeks at Morrie from behind my human’s knees.

Morrie kind of scares me, but I suppose being around all that constant sawing and hammering and nailing would put me on edge, too. And I don’t think Morrie’s human is all too happy about the whole “the carport is the new workshop” situation. He griped to my human something about “hail damage” to his wife’s car. From the sound of things, she wasn’t happy, either. But there’s no way to fit a car beneath that carport with all that noise-making stuff he has under there.

What Morrie’s human needs is a real workshop. But, of course, he complained he can’t afford one. Priced it out at the lumber yard and he said he’d die from old age before he saved up enough to buy the material. That’s the good part about Derksen portable buildings, my human told him. You don’t have to wait. You don’t have to save up. You don’t have to let your wife’s car get hammered by hail any more. In fact, you don’t even have to build the workshop yourself. They’ll set it up for you, he said.

That’s nice.

So, I’m hoping the next time we walk past Morrie’s carport, the human will have his own real honest-to-goodness bonifide workshop in the back yard. In fact, I’m kind of hoping Morrie will be in the back yard, too.

Did I mention he makes me nervous?

~ Jasper





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