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Posted on 15, July 2014

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So, my humans are talking about going on a trip. And they’re talking about leaving me with something called a “dog sitter.” They spell words they think I know, but they didn’t spell this one. No. They just out-and-out said it. Dog sitter.

What they don’t know is I’ve heard that word before. Oh, yeah. My buddy Scruff got left behind last year and his humans called in a “dog sitter.” Scruff has never been the same since.

You see, dog sitters just don’t get it. They . . . well, they treated Scruff like a dog. But our humans get it. They know we’re really part of the family. And that means we don’t want to get left behind when they want a vacation. We want to go, too.

Just not very far.

I mean, 30 minutes in a car, and I’m good. Much longer than that and I start whining and yelping and going all Tasmanian Devil on them.

I wish my humans would do what Buster’s humans did. They bought a Derksen getaway cabin and set it up in their back yard for the “mother-in-law.” (Must be some kind of ferocious beast, from the way Buster described her.)

And when she’s not around, they do something they call a “stay-cation.” That means instead of driving for hours upon hours in a car and leaving Buster with the dreaded dog sitter, they pack a picnic basket and sit on the front porch of their backyard getaway cabin.

The humans are happy. Buster is happy. And I think if my humans would do that, I’d be happy, too.

Do you need a getaway cabin for a mother-in-law or the grandkids or even for yourself? Stop by and talk to my human about it. He’ll get you fixed up. Oh, and while you’re there, drop a hint that he might want to consider practicing what he preaches and getting us a backyard getaway cabin, too. Thanks!

In the meantime, I’m going slink under the couch, just beyond arm’s reach, so when the time comes to take me to the dog sitter, they’ll never be able to catch me.

~ Jasper




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