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Posted on 1, July 2014

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My pal Dusty has a cat at his house. Must be fun to have your own cat to chase around at will. But there are some things about Dusty’s life I wouldn’t like. For one thing, because he’s big and slobbery and, well, dusty, his humans force him to live outside. I guess living outside has its good and bad points. He doesn’t have to share his house. Not even with the cat. The cat lives in a magical place called a “garage.”

I say magical because that garage has anything and everything you can imagine crammed into it. I’d love to spend a couple of hours sniffing through that place! I bet it’s full of great smells. There’s some old furniture stacked in the corner. I wonder what scents it holds in its tattered cushions.

I’ll probably never find out, though. Even if my human let me off the leash when we walk past there, I couldn’t get to it. There’s way too much stuff in that garage! One day, I heard another human mumble the word “hoarders” to my human while we were passing by. I’m not sure what a hoarder is, but I figure with all that amazing stuff in their magic garage, it’s got to be a good thing.

My human said Dusty’s family needs to “reclaim their garage,” whatever that means. He said one of those great Derksen backyard storage sheds he sells would do the trick. They could have that thing set up in their back yard, right next to Dusty’s house, in no time and fill it with all the stuff from the garage. Then their garage would be neat and clean.

Come to think of it, getting a Derksen storage shed so they can reclaim their garage is a wonderful idea. Because without all that stuff in the way, I could probably catch that cat!

~ Jasper


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