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Posted on 15, July 2014

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Have you ever heard the saying, “The bigger the boys, the bigger their toys?” Yeah, I figured you had. Female humans say it a lot. Or at least Mitzi’s female human does. A lot. Mitzi lives just around the corner and loves to sun herself, so I pretty much see her every day when we go for our walk.

Apparently, the problem with big toys is where to put them. The male human claims he has to leave the yard cluttered with lawn equipment, garden tools, and half-finished projects because he has no place to put things. The female human fusses that the grandkids can’t even play safely in the yard due to the dangerous equipment laying around. I hope Mitzi isn’t in danger, too! Probably not. She doesn’t do much besides sleep in the sun.

The male human said he’d love to have a place to put his things away, because the his lawnmower is taking a beating being stuck out in the weather all the time. But he’s worried about something called “bad credit,” and tells Mitzi’s female he may just have to build a lean-to from the pile or rickety-looking wood in the corner. That pile of wood probably has lizards in it that need to be chased, but it doesn’t look like it would make a very good shed. But then, what do I know about sheds?

Of course, my human knows about sheds. And he has the solution to the problems at Mitzi’s house. One of those big honkin’ Derksen backyard buildings would do the trick, he says. For a human, I’ll have to admit, he’s pretty sharp. He even has the answer about that bad credit thing the male mentioned. Something called “rent to own.”

Yep, I’m thinking there may be a new, cleaned up area in Mitzi’s yard for her to lay around in soon. And if they pack the dangerous equipment in a new Derksen storage shed, then the grandkids can play in the yard. And yards with grandkids usually means extra petting for me when we pass by.

I’m really starting to like this protect the equipment, let the kids play plan. I’m starting to like it a lot!

Do you have equipment that needs protecting or put away? Give my human a call. Like I said, he’s pretty sharp. He’ll help you out, even if you have bad credit.

~ Jasper


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