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Posted on 15, July 2014

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I don’t know about your place, but my humans have friends who run a small business. They’re always shuffling things around they call “paperwork” and wishing for a place to “file” it. They recently visited us and brought my friend Max with them. Max is a kind of funny looking – he’s what my human calls “two dogs long and half a dog high.” His owners call him a “Doxie,” whatever that means.

Anyway, Max complained that his whole issue with this home business stuff is that there’s barely enough room on the dining room table for him to beg while they’re eating. That family has some serious priority issues, if you ask me!

That all will change soon, though, because my humans told Max’s humans about something called a Home Office cabin. Now they’re going to order one just like the one I found on the lot over at 107 Building Sales & Rentals. I gave it a good sniff because there’s a bird nest nearby, and all dogs know wherever there are birds, there’s sure to be a cat lurking.

Some humans even use those cabins as hair salons. From what I gather, a hair salon is kind of like a groomer for humans. I thank my lucky stars I’m a short-hair. My friend Sheba tells me horror stories about her experience with the roaring clippers. ***shiver***

My human told Max’s humans that a home office cabin can take care of all their small business storage needs. They can put in a desk, filing cabinets, a work space – and then they’ll be able to reclaim the dining room. I’m sure Max will be pretty excited about that.

Speaking of the dinning room, it’s nearly dinner time now at our house. I’d better go put on my cute and adorable face and wait for the handouts!

~ Jasper


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